Ghetto Prom @

Ever wonder what other people's proms were like? Here are some examples:

Lookin' sharp -- it's da 3 musky-pimps

Love the red "carpet"

Supa fine dress

It's too bad she couldn't afford the other half of her dress

Yo yo yo -- it's da Check Mates

Supportin' the home team. The cane is a nice touch too.

What a bevy of beauties

The one on the left totally understands what a prom is about

Sadly, they are not on the same team

Hey -- you in da blue -- how come you not wearin' da right clothes?

I'm speechless

I don't know which of these looks more dangerous.

Hey look -- it's Dennis Rodman!

I bet she's the only one that looks like this!
I wonder if she didn't quite get the meaning of "propeller head"?

Gives new meaning to the term "BIG MAMA"

I wonder if she's going to the prom with the father (if she knows who he is)?

Now these make a statement:
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